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Section for Child and Youth Studies (BUVA)

The area of Child and Youth Studies provides, broadly speaking, an  interdisciplinary approach towards research on children’s and young people’s play, development and formal and informal learning. The department builds a creative environment for studying children’s and young people’s living conditions as well as  analysing modes and processes of socialisation. A special focus is placed on children’s and young people’s perspectives on their lives as citizens, and on their  agency.

Courses and research on school-age educare as an integrated part of school and the Teacher education programme specialising in school-age education and care.
From a child-oriented perspective, the unit will also cover learning, development and socialization linked to environments beyond school and to leisure.

Research in Child and Youth Studies

Research in Education, informal learning, school-age educare and leisure

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Visiting address
Frescati Hagväg 24
Frescati Hage, Campus Frescati
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Director of Studies FC SC
Anna-Lena Ljusberg - School-age Educare
Kari Trost - Child and Youth Studies

Director of Studies PhD
Margareta Aspan

Head of section
Mats Börjesson

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