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Photo: Eva Dalin.


Courses in "Early Childhood Education", "Schoolage Educare" and "Child and Youth Studies" are available in English. The department offers courses both in spring and fall semesters.


Photo: Eva Dalin


The four sections of the department each have a research area, all of them specialized in research about children and youth.



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This department provides a creative environment for education and research that considers children and young people within the following multiple and overlapping contexts: culture; the family; preschool and school; peer groups; media and leisure; the community as well as the economy and with respect to both national and international law.

Teacher student from Austria

Julia from Austria

Julia has chosen to come to Stockholm University and study. She shares below her thoughts on how she perceive her stay in Sweden. Some of the courses she has studied are Schoolage Educare and Early Childhood Education Focusing on Science and Technology.