Dr. Jerry Rosiek
Dr. Jerry Rosiek

Short Lecture

Agential Realism and the Practice of Social Inquiry: A Primer
Scholars such as Karen Barad, Bruno Latour, and many others have directed our attention to the generative capacity of objects of study. This generative agency refers to something other than the well-worn distinction between material structures and human agency that have occupied social scientists for over a century.  It instead refers to the possibility that the psychological, social, cultural, political and even material phenomena scholars seek to describe do not passively await our representation of them, but instead actively shape the conditions that enable our representations and that this influence is a part of their being.  

Dr. Rosiek's lecture will survey the implications of this agential realism for the ethics and analytical practice of social inquiry.   

Worshop led by av Emilie Moberg och Karin Gunnarsson.