Wiji Bohme Shomari. Foto: Sören Andresson, Stockholms universitet.
Wiji Bohme Shomari. Foto: Sören Andresson, Stockholms universitet.

Ingår som delprojekt inom: Förskolan som bild- och blickapparat: seendepraktiker och visuell kunskapsproduktion i små barns vardagsliv

Ansvarig: Anne-Li Lindgren

Doktorand: Wiji Bohme Shomary

In English: Translation in preschool

Om projektet:

The overall aim of the doctoral dissertation is to examine the perception new arrival immigrant families have of Swedish preschool, and the perception of these families as expressed by the Swedish state preschool political discourse over the last fifty-year period.

For this purpose, the study uses critical discourse analysis, as proposed by Norman Fairclough. CDA is applied both as theory and as analysis method.

The study is empirically grounded and the analysis covers texts produced by new arrival Syrian families as well as policy documents, government commission’s reports and government bills dealing with preschool in relation to immigration.

The study focuses on two main themes that are predominant in both texts; these are language learning (Swedish and mother tongue) and belonging, and shows how they are used to express and assign agency.