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Make the library work for you

The library has a lot on offer to help new students. Would you like to find course literature, group rooms or printer/copiers? Quiet study areas? Would you like to know what more we can help with? This video follows student Eldar Hinder on a quick tour of the library.

The University Card

The university card is the key to the library resources. Your university card functions as your library card.

Find your text books

In these videos you will learn how to find your text books on the library shelves and on the library web site.

Vitt i på blå botten

Flow of visitors in the Frescati Library

The number of visitors in the Frescati Library varies. Please visit us when we have fewer visitors, if possible.

Vitt i på blå botten

Library adaptions to the corona virus

At Stockholm University we are continually developing an environment that safely lets you access the resources and services you need in these special times.

Fyra studenter i biblioteket

Library etiquette guidelines

Here you can read about our library etiquette guidelines, developed in conclusion with student representatives.

Swedish words in the library catalogue

The library catalogue contains a few Swedish words, even if you change the language settings to English. Here is a list of translations.