Dr. Jerry Rosiek
Dr. Jerry Rosiek


Is Racism an Agential Assemblage: New Ways of Thinking About the Uncanny Resilience of Institutionalized Racism. 

Contemporary scholarship has documented that racism is not one thing, but is a protean assemblage composed of ontologically diverse phenomena like property values, nationalist discourses, interpersonal interactions, segregation, deliberate exploitation, differences in the quality of public services, and more.  Responded to in one form, it reappears in another form. This talk explores the possibility of using Karen Barad's agential realist philosophy to study racism in a manner that takes its protean adaptability as a central feature.  This application has implications for both our understanding of anti-racist scholarship and the possibilities and politics of posthumanist scholarship. 

Un seminar by Dr. Jerry Rosiek, Department of Philosophy, Professor of Education at the University of Oregon.

Discussant och seminarieledare: Camilla Andersen.