KUS - Seminarium

Emergent sexualities: Post-binary languages of gender and sexual identity and relationships among young people

Digital practices play an increasing role in fostering opportunities for gender- and sexually-diverse young adults to participate in the production of emergent discourses that create new norms and counter-norms for gender, sexuality and relationships. Through digital cultural practices, recent figurations of sexuality and identity have emerged that present a widespread range of sexualities and genders beyond the traditional hetero/homo dichotomy or LGBTQ labels that describe a more specific self-identification of sexual practices.

This presentation theorises new social and identity practices in terms of digital affordances, while presenting a framework for understanding the implications of new, meaningful languages of identity categorisation for social theory. 

Rob Cover
Rob Cover, Professor, RMIT University, Australia

Rob Cover is Professor in the School Media and Communication and the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at RMIT University, Australia. His recent books include Queer Youth Suicide, Culture and Identity: Unliveable Lives? (2016), Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Gender and Relationships in a Digital Era (2019) and Flirting in the Era of #MeToo: Negotiating Intimacy (2019).