Doctoral project


Lena Aronsson. Foto: Niklas Björling, Stockholms universitet

Doktorand: Lena Aronsson

Principal supervisor: Hillevi Lenz Taguchi

Supervisor: Annika Andersson, PhD in cognitive neuroscience and Lecturer in Swedish as Secondary Language, Linnaeus University

Topic: Pre-school Didactics, Focus Preschool and Educational Neurology / Early Childhood Education


The project takes it starting point in the question of what the encounter between knowledge from the neuroscience research field and preschool's theories about children's learning and didactic learning practices can be productive of. How can such a meeting be established, in what manner and under what circumstances, but also if it is possible and, if not, what the obstacles might be. Focus is on literacy theories and practices, and research on children’s language learning and development.

The thesis will produce knowledge about the encounter between different epistemologies in preschool practice, but also about the possibilities and limitations of the interdisciplinary encounter between neuroscience and education. The empirical study consists of materials from a nine-month field study in three preschools in autumn 2015 and spring 2016 but also from mappings of the research field aimed at bringing together neuroscience and education. The study thus aims at studying and productively exploring encounters between different epistemologies and practices and takes its starting point in a scientific theoretical perspective. Theoretically and methodologically, the project is driven by questions about how different knowledge theories produce different ways of looking at children's learning and thus different didactic practices.

The research studies began in 2014 and the dissertation is expected to be completed in 2019.


In Swedish: Neurovetenskap och förskola – möjliga möten i teori och praktik