Gunnel Mohme. Foto: Privat.
Gunnel Mohme. Foto: Privat.

Doctoral project: Gunnel Mohme

Doctoral thesis 2016: Somali-Swedish Girls - The Construction of Childhood within Local and Transnational Spaces

Supervisor: Nihad Bunar, Annika Rabo

Research area: Child and Youth Studies, Children and youth in socially deprived situations

Somalis are now one of the larger migrant groups in Sweden. The thesis studies a group of Somali-Swedes where the children are students at a Muslim-profiled school. It explores how parents and children negotiate and manage everyday challenges of being Muslim migrants and how relations to former countrymen are constituted and maintained within transnational social spaces.

Three studies analyse school choice strategies, relations to former countrymen and other transnational practices and how girls in grade five imagine their future professional career and family.

In Swedish: Somaliesvenska flickors konstruktion av barndom