Doctoral project: Teresa Elkin Postila

Supervisor: Anna Palmer

Supervisor: Linnea Bodén

Research area: Early Childhood Education

Research project: Enhancing preschool children´s attention, language and communication skills: An interdisciplinary study of socio-emotional learning and computerized attention training

Research area: Learning-Brain-Practice: transdisciplinary studies in communication, language and literacy in preschool

The Aim of the Doctoral Thesis “Preschoolers as co-researchers in research concerning environmental issues” is to examine how preschoolers, aged four and five year old, in collaboration with the doctoral student, can research environmental issues concerning water, e.g. water supply, water quality and sea water levels, within Preschools and their surrounding areas.

The thesis project aims to investigate what knowledge preschoolers and doctoral student in collaboration may produce concerning the above mentioned environmental issues, in addition to examine what new methods in research concerning environmental issues with preschoolers as co-researchers may be established.

Key words in forthcoming thesis: New Materialism, Methodology, Environmental Issues, Water.

The thesis project was initiated during spring 2016 and is scheduled to finish during autumn 2020. The Field Period from the Research Project “Preschoolers as co-researcher in research concerning environmental issues” is planned for spring 2018.

In Swedish: Förskolebarn som medforskare i forskning rörande miljöfrågor.