Extended Education Research

The research group consists of Annika Flick, M.Phil., Patrik Hansen Lindholm, MA, Anneli Hippinen Ahlgren, doctoral student, Linnéa Holmberg, PhD, Rickard Jonsson, Professor, Eva Kane, PhD, Anna Klerfelt, Associate Professor, Anna-Lena Ljusberg, PhD.

Fritids_Extended Education. Foto_Eva Dalin.jpg
Extended Education, playing with Kapla blocks. Photo: Eva Dalin, Stockholm University.

The seminars (see below) address Extended Education practices as a research area and field of knowledge. Extended Education Pedagogy is today a growing area of ​​research where central elements of the contents of extended education are studied from a child and social perspective.

In the field, practice-based research is conducted on children and young people’s institutional leisure time, care and creation of meaning. We are interested in the everyday life of children and personnel in extended education, from both a child perspective and from children's perspective, as well as from societal, educational policy and profession-based perspectives. Within the field there is interest in developing the theoretical foundations of Extended Education Pedagogy and to create new methods to research the essentials of extended education. Changes in recent years in the workplace’s terms, substantial cuts, changes in school law and curricula, as well the new teacher training programme for primary school with a specialisation in extended education have thoroughly transformed both the mission and profession, which has led to a need to understand the consequences of these processes.

The research issues cover the following areas

Theories and methods for researching extended education’s practices

Child perspective and children's perspective


Concept development

Children's creation of meaning


Children's free time and their well-being


Children's play


Children's aesthetics

Identity creation



Extended education as a profession


Principals' management

Didactics and teaching in extended education

International comparisons



In the research field, a seminar series is offered where invited lecturers contribute to the creation of a dialogue around extended education research. The seminar series also includes workshops where texts from the group's members are reviewed.


In autumn 2019, the researchers arranged a conference aimed at enhanced education, where the goal was to present, discuss and bring together different research perspectives and theories aimed at practitioners in enhanced education and to explore different concepts, ideas and paradigms that surround them.

Please go to the conference website - WERA-IRN 2019.


The researchers work closely with other universities, both nationally and internationally, and participate in several networks, for example:

WERA-IRN (World Education Research Association - International Research Network)

NERA / NFPF group 17 / leisuretime pedagogy

The network for assistants and associate professors at universities in Sweden who educate primary teachers with a focus on work in recreation centers.

The Network for Childhood Research

The network for school social issues


In the area, articles are regularly reviewed and published in a number of scientific journals, and researchers participate in the editorial staff of the International Journal for Extended Education and in the Advisory Board for the Journal of Playwork Practice.

Mission and teaching

The research area is responsible for and teaches the undergraduate program with a focus on work in the leisure center. The researchers actively participate in various referral procedures, as advisors in investigations and have external assignments such as lectures in local, national and international contexts.