Research interviews

  • Ulrika Winerdal.jpg Interview with Ulrika Winerdal 2020-03-13 Ulrika Winderdal’s research pinpoints how law enforcement agencies think in regards to their mission regarding children and young people that commit very serious crimes. She further speaks about the agencies’ “double responsibility”.
  • Christine Eriksson. Fotograf Niklas Björling Interview with Christine Eriksson 2020-01-20 What happens when a researcher, together with two pedagogues and six preschool children, start singing in a bus, or playing with their voices in a tunnel, or why not just sit on the floor of the subway train with a pen and a bit of cardboard to investigate what kind of patterns the vibrations of the body draw?
  • Mindre_151001_BUV_0152_ylva_lorentzon_stående_fotograf_niklas_björling_1300x1950.jpg Ylva Lorentzon about the Status of Children’s Culture and about Defending a Doctoral Thesis 2019-04-09 Ylva Lorentzon has defended her doctoral thesis “Open worlds, reserved rooms: On status and politics of child culture in the everyday practice of the performing arts”. Here are her thoughts about her research.
  • Rickard Jonsson. Boys' Anti-School Culture, Rickard Jonsson 2017-09-12 Rickard Jonsson is a researcher at the Department of Child and Youth Studies. He is interested in finding answers to: How are stereotypes constructed?
  • Ann-Christin Cederborg How can we increase the visibility of vulnerable children? 2016-12-07 Ann-Christin Cederborg about the Stockholm University Profile Area Children´s Rights and Conditions.
  • Nihad Bunar Research aiming to create a level playing field for students 2016-12-07 Newly arrived students who do not speak Swedish are received very differently at school. Nihad Bunar hopes that his research on how municipalities choose to organise their teaching will give these students the same opportunities as other children.
  • Wallenberg Foundation supports research against bullying Wallenberg Foundation supports research against bullying 2016-11-18 Important research on bullying will be the result of a donation from Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg’s Foundation. Stockholm University has received five million Swedish crowns for research as a result of a joint application with the organization Friends, who were granted three million to develop methods against bullying based on this research.
  • Susanne Kjällander Digital tablets in today´s preschool, Susanne Kjällander 2016-10-03 Listen to Susanne Kjällander, Senior Lecturer at Department of Child and Youth Studies, when she talks about her exciting research.
  • Gunilla Dahlberg Challenging our view of children and preschool 2015-06-23 Listen to the youngest children and join them on their journey of discovery – those are Gunilla Dahlberg’s watchwords. Over the past four decades, she has devoted her research to trying to change preschool and our view of children, knowledge, and learning.