For the spring semester, Stockholm University is planning to continue to have digital learning. For the Department of Child and Youth Studies, this means that all teaching will be provided digitally, that is, a web-based online teaching during the first part of the spring semester (period A and B). Decision regarding the second part of spring semester will be taken later on.

The institution will follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding physical distancing and limiting the amount of people that gather to a maximum of eight.

For specific information about what this means for your course, check your schedule on the course site. There you will find information about each course module. 

At Stockholm University the following shall apply from 24 November 2020:

  • No hall-based exams shall be conducted, though on-site exams may be carried out for smaller groups.
  • Teaching and exams on campus shall be limited to a maximum of eight students.
  • The Library Director has been assigned the task of continuously evaluating the current situation and, if necessary, implementing further measures to ensure a safe working environment for staff and students at Stockholm University Library.
Department of Chid and Youth Studies, Svante Arrhenius väg 21A, Stockholm University

Keep yourself updated

The Department of Child and Youth Studies is planning for the teaching in our premises to be performed in a safe and responsible manner. However, it is dependent on the fact that everybody takes responsibility, follows the existing guidelines, and keeps a safe distance to other people.
The department plans for the physical teaching to happen in smaller groups properly spread out in classrooms located in different parts of the building.
In relation to this, we ask you as a student to keep yourself updated about what is happening, through the university’s common website www.su.se/english/coronavirus and through the department’s own website www.buv.su.se .

Important to remember is that the general recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden apply, such as the limitation on public gatherings to eight people, to keep a distance to others, to stay home when sick, and to avoid congestion in public transport.