Pay student fees

If you are required to pay student fees your status will be listed as 'conditionally admitted' on the notification of selection results from University Admissions. 

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Follow the instructions and keep deadlines for fee payments

You need to follow the instructions and keep the deadlines for the student fee payment in order for you to be able to register for the course or program. Instructions and deadlines will be sent to you by email from Stockholm University after the second notification of selections results.

You have to fulfil the eligibility requirements

The second reason for you to be conditionally eligible is if you have on-going university studies and it is likely that you will fulfil the eligibility requirements by the start of the course.

If you are conditionally admitted you are offered a place in on a course or a program on the condition that you fulfil the eligibility requirements by the time the course or program starts. You must be able to show the appropriate documents to prove your eligibility to be able to register for the course or program you have been admitted to. If you are not able to do so by the course start, your admission will be withdrawn.