Doctoral level education is normally expected to require four years of fulltime studies (240 credits). The programme consists of a course part and a dissertation part. The course part comprises 90 credits, with 1,5 credits corresponding to 1 week of fulltime studies. The dissertation work is expected to take 5 terms of fulltime studies.

General information about application/admission

Admissions to third cycle programmes and announcements of doctoral student positions are made according to the number of openings, with May 1 and December 15 being the last application date. Announcements and application forms are posted on the Department's homepage no later than two weeks before the last application date. If the doctoral student position is in Swedish the announcement will only be posted on the Swedish homepage, Lediga tjänster.

Financial resources

One way to finance your doctoral studies is to be employed as a doctoral student at the Department of Child and Youth Studies. Openings for such positions are announced on the homepage of the Department. Usually announcements are made in connection with announcements of openings ín third cycle programmes, see below. It is also possible to finance your doctoral studies in other ways, for example by applying for external funds for research employment. Without financing for the normal four-year duration of the third cycle programme, it is rarely possible to be accepted as a doctoral student in Child- and Youth Studies.


Director of studies research level: Kari Trost

Administrator research level: My Bodell