Johanna Lund Rockliffe from the Global School
Johanna Lund Rockliffe from the Global School

During the second International Café Johanna Lund Rockliffe from the Global School introduced us to the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that replace the Millennium Goals starting from 2016. We also got the chance to put our knowledge about global issues to the test using quizzes from Professor Hans Roslings Gap minder project. Several of the participants felt surprised to find out that the statistics in many cases showed a more positive trend than what they had expected.

At the end of the seminar the students got to do a lesson plan for how they would like to educate future pupils regarding one of the global goals. There were several creative suggestions such as using well known fairytales, to let children use their imagination regarding what is a good home and to use gamification/contests to catch the interest of the pupils.

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