In 2015, Springer, publisher of the International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC) asked the editors of Springer journals to nominate an article published in 2015 that addressed the world’s most pressing problems focused on the environment and sustainability, for a campaign that Springer is running: Change the World: One Article at a Time.

This article was nominated by the International Journal of Early Childhood:

Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: The OMEP World Project, authored by Ingrid Engdahl, Stockholm University in Sweden; published in IJEC in November 2015. 

"The article summarises a number of research studies in which children participate. The findings demonstrate the significant knowledge that young children hold about environmental issues and their competence in understanding the responsibilities which individuals carry to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability."

All articles (more than 100 articles) have now been made freely available until July 15, 2016:

Change the World, One Article at a Time

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