Frescati Hagväg 16 B
Frescati Hagväg 16 B

Frescati Hagväg 16 B - "house 5"

1st floor

BUV123 Seminar room
BUV130 Student area Levinas
BUV134 Student lounge Malaguzzi
BUV138 Student area Vygotskij

2nr floor

BUV225 Seminar room

3rd floor

BUV334 Conference room Alva

Frescati Hagväg 20 A - "house 7"

Frescati Hagväg 20A & 20B
Frescati Hagväg 20A & 20B

(Entrance to the right) 

1st floor

BUV102 Seminar room
BUV103 Seminar room
Coffee, candy vending machine

Frescati Hagväg 20 B - "house 7"

(Entrance to the left)

1st floor

BUV101 Seminar room

2nd floor

Student affairs office and Student counsellor
BUV203 International coordinator
BUV207 Student counsellor Early Childhood Education
BUV208 Student counsellor Child and Youth Studies and Schoolage Educare

Frescati Hagväg 22 - "house 9"

BUV121b Seminar room

Frescati Hagväg 24 - "house 8"

Frescati Hagväg 24
Frescati Hagväg 24

1st floor

Student kitchenette, coffee, microwave
BUV106 Group room (entrance through BUV107)
BUV107 Seminar room
BUV109 Group room (entrance through BUV110)
BUV110 Group room
BUV121a Seminar room (entrance through Student kitchenette)
BUV121b Seminar room (entrance through exterior door Frescati Hagväg 22)

2nr floor

BUV200 Conference room
BUV202 Seminar room
BUV204 Seminar room
BUV205 Conference room
BUV212 Mailroom, student computer, printomat (printing- and copying)

3rd floor

BUV300 Group room
BUV308b Restroom

Botanicum, Lilla Frescativägen 5

Google Map Lilla Frescativägen 5

Lilla Frescativägen 5. Photo Björn Dalin.
Lilla Frescativägen 5. Photo Björn Dalin.

3rd floor

BO320 Seminar room
BO321 Lecture Hall
BO304 Seminar room
BO306 Seminar room

2nd floor

BO232B Seminar room
BO232c Printer
BO233 Student kitchenette: microwave, refrigerator, coffie and snack machine
BO232a"Museihallen" seating
BO228 Staff room
BO229 Staff kitchenette: microwave and refrigerator

Department of Mathematics, house 5, Kräftriket

(Roslagsvägen 101)

BUV(MA)12 Seminar room

Stallet, Svante Arrhenius väg 19F, Frescati backe

BUV´s and HSD´s rooms

Svante Arrhenius väg 19F
Svante Arrhenius väg 19F

120 Music
210 Art
220 + 320 Stora studiolokalen dance/drama/music/multimodal
310 Art
410 Drama/music
420 Drama
Student kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator

Other rooms

610 Seminar room
620 Seminar room
720 Seminar room

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