Svante Arrhenius väg 21A
Entrance at Svante Arrhenius väg 21A. Photo: Eva Dalin, Stockholm university.

Department of Child and Youth Science is gathered in a house with four floors. Elevetors that is handicapped accessible is available on all levels. Educational rooms, group rooms and student spaces are available on planes 1 and 2. On plan 1 there is also a student office. On planes 3 and 4 there are office rooms and meting rooms for staff.

All school rooms and group rooms will have digital screens outside that show how the room / hall is booked.


Hearing is available in all teaching rooms.

Plan 1

105 Seminar room

106 Seminar room

110 Hearing /Aula

129 Reading room

130 Reading room

Plan 2

220 Classroom

222 Seminar room

223 Seminar room

224 Seminar room

Group rooms

There are 10 bookable group rooms for students. All group rooms have a sidplay, program sound via monitor and writing speech.

Cooridor with group room for students

student areas
student areas

Plan 1

Room 118 for 6 pers.

Room 121 for 8 pers.

Room 122 for 8 pers.

Plan 2

Room 204 for 8 pers.

Room 206 for 6 pers.

Room 208 for 6 pers.

Room 211 for 6 pers.

Room 212 for 6 pers.

Room 213 for 6 pers.

Room 215 for 6 pers.

student kitchen
Student kitchen, Frescatibackehusen.

Student pentry on plan 1

Plan 1, room 106, to the left of the entrance hall. Equipped with 8 micros and refrigerators.

Student café / Rest room

Plan 1, room 107, to the left of the entrance hall and the beside the student pentry. Seating for about 45 people.


There are seating places and study places for students in an open environment in the corridors on planes 1 and 2. There are several  tables with chairs (6-8 seats at each table), sofas with tables and screendes study spaces (a total of 6 seats on plan 2). A total of 78 seats (including breaks) on plan 1 and a total of 47 seats on plan 2.

Resting Place

Plan 2, room 232, single room for students.

Printers Tomato

Plan 2, printomat and computer.

Student office

Plan 1, room 102. To the left trough the entrance hall, then directly to the right.

Stallet_Svante Arrhenius väg 19F

Stallet, Svante Arrhenius väg 19F, Frescati backe

BUV´s and HSD´s rooms

120 Music

210 Art

220 + 320 "Stora studiolokalen" Dance/Drama/Music/Multimodal

310 Art

410 Drama/Music

420 Drama

Student kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator

Other rooms

610 Seminar room

620 Seminar room

720 Seminar room

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