Adminitsratörer på studentexpeditionen vid BUV
Visit us at Svante Arrhenius väg 21 A, 1 st floor, room 102
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Monday   12:30-13:00
Tuesday   12:30-13:00
Wednesday   12:30-13:00
Thursday   12:30-13:00
Friday   12:30-13:00


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Monday 13:30-14:30
Tuesday 13:30-14:30
Thursday 13:30-14:30



Visiting address: Svante Arrhenius väg 21 A, 1st floor, room 102.
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Administrator for courses with teaching language in English

Håkansson, Malin

Phone: +4681207 6246


  • Early Childhood Education: Explorative Learning
  • Early Childhood Education: Focusing Mathematics and Technology
  • Early Childhood Education Focusing on Science and Education for Sustainability
  • Schoolage Educare