Frescati Hagväg 20B, the left entrance
Frescati Hagväg 20B, the left entrance

Address: Frescati Hagväg 20 B, 2nd floor, room BUV202. Find us.


  Opening hours am Opening hours pm
Monday 10-11:30  
Tuesday 10-11:30 13:30-14:30
Wednesday 10-11:30  
Thursday 10-11:30 13:30-14:30
Friday 10-11:30  


  Telephone hours
Monday 13:30-14:30
Tuesday 13:30-14:30
Thursday 13:30-14:30


During the period December 23 - January 9 the front doors are locked. To visit the Student affair office please use the door bell and the staff will come and lett you in. 

E-mail to the Student affair office

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For very specific questions about your course, please contact the administrator for the course. For courses in english se contact information below.



Course administrator for courses in English

Håkansson, Malin

Phone: +4681207 6246

  • Children, Culture, Globalization FC & SC
  • Early Childhood Education: Explorative Learning, FC
  • Early Childhood Education: Focusing Mathematics, FC
  • Early Childhood Education Focusing on Science and Technology, FC
  • Early Childhood Education:Focusing Science, Technology and Education for Sustainability
  • Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, FC
  • Schoolage Educare




Student counsellor

Student counsellor

The Centre for the Studies of Children´s Culture

The Centre for the Studies of Children´s Culture has a separate student affairs office and student counsellor.