Four units

The department comprises of the following three units:

1) Centre for the Studies of Children´s Culture

2) Child and Youth Studies (BUVA)

3) Early Childhood Education (FUFF)

The Department board and Head of department are running the department. Read more about our Administrative staff.

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Courses and Programmes

The department offers courses and programmes in our four subjects 1) Children´s Culture, 2) Child and Youth Studies, 3) Early Childhood Education and 4) Schoolage Educare. Courses in English.

Programmes and degrees

Doctoral Programme: Child and Youth Studies, 120 and 240 credits
Doctoral Programme: Early Childhood Education, 120 and 240 credits
Master´s programme in Children´s Culture, 60 credits
Master's Programme in Child and Youth Sciences, 120 credits
Programme in Early Childhood Education, 210 credits
Postgraduate course, preschool education, 60 credits
Professional Qualification Course for Preschool Teachers, 30 credits
Teacher Education Programme for Primary School, Specialising in School-Age Education and Care, 180 credits