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Postdoc. Eleonor Bredlöv Eknor. Foto Sören Andersson

Professionalism in the Preschool Teaching Profession

Eleonor Bredlöv Eknor is a new postdoc at the unit of Early Childhood Education (FUFF) at the Department of Child and Youth Studies. In the interview, she talks about her research area vocational education research, with focus on informal learning processes and about how power and sex contribute to how you become professional.

Free standing courses at The Department of Child and Youth Studies. Photo: Cajsa De Groat


Courses in "Early Childhood Education" and "Schoolage Educare" are available in English. The department offers courses both in spring and fall semesters.


Teaching at the Department of Child and Youth Studies spring semester 2021

For the spring semester, Stockholm University is planning to continue to have digital learning. For the Department of Child and Youth Studies, this means that all teaching will be provided digitally, that is, a web-based online teaching during the first part of the spring semester (period A and B).

A young woman typing on a laptop. Photo: Mostphotos/Dean Drobot

Late application spring semester 2021

Our courses in Early Childhood Education opens for late applications to spring term 2021. The application period opens 15th of December.


Stockholm University international alumni

Holding international alumni events is a relatively new activity for Stockholm University. The purpose of these events is to re-establish contact with our international alumni.

Photo: Eva Dalin


The four sections of the department each have a research area, all of them specialized in research about children and youth.



Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities, questions and answers, and news related to the coronavirus. 

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This department provides a creative environment for education and research that considers children and young people within the following multiple and overlapping contexts: culture; the family; preschool and school; peer groups; media and leisure; the community as well as the economy and with respect to both national and international law.