Reference Management Software Programs

There are different reference management programs that perform the same basic functions, such as collecting and organizing your references, sharing references with others, and inserting them into you documents. You can find information below about some of the most used programs:


Zotero is free to use. Additionally, users with a verified e-mail address from Stockholm University can register for a personal Zotero account with unlimited storage space. If you already have a private Zotero account you can get unlimited storage by adding your Stockholm University address to your account in your Zotero account settings.
•    For more information about how to install and use Zotero, see Guide to Zotero
•    Zotero works with the word processors Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs.



In order to install EndNote on your computer you need to buy a license. Employees at SU need to contact their own department if they want to purchase an EndNote license. The library does not offer EndNote support. More information about software licenses at SU:
Another option is to use EndNote Basic, a free online version of EndNote, which carries out the basic functions of EndNote. For more information see Guide to EndNote



Mendeley is free to use and includes 2 gigabytes of online storage for pdf:s and other attachments. is also a social network for scientists.
•    For more information about how to install and use Mendeley, see Guide to Mendeley
•    Mendeley works with the word processors Word and LibreOffice.


Book an introduction for researches and PhD Students

Researchers and PhD students at Stockholm University can book an introduction to Zotero or Mendeley. Contact and write which program you want to learn more about. If you are a group of people you can also book a workshop. In that case, contact