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Study spaces

  • Group rooms for students The library’s group study rooms can´t be reserved due to new restrictions.
  • Library etiquette guidelines Here you can read about our library etiquette guidelines, developed in conclusion with student representatives.
  • Scanning, printing and copying At the ground floor in the Frescati Library you will find scanning, printing and copying machines. They are connected to The Stockholm University's printing system, Printomat. This means that you can use any of the printers on the university’s campus, with an enabled university card.
  • Get started with your essay You, as a student or researcher at Stockholm university, can receive guidance to get started with finding literature or search strategies. Drop-in every Monday to Thursday between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm.
  • The Library As a Place of Study On the ground floor there are quiet reading areas as well as spaces where you can sit and work in groups. The upper floor, the staircase and the Bergdahl room on the ground floor are quiet zones. Students can also book one of our group study rooms. Most rooms have computers.
  • Book a resource room In the Frescati Library there are two resource rooms available with computers adapted specifically for students with disabilities. To get an access card to the rooms please contact a coordinator for special pedagogical support.
  • Storage of Study Material At Frescati Library, there are 280 lockers for rent. The lockers are for students at Stockholm University who need to store course and study material.
  • Access to Wifi Students and employees at the university use the university account to log in. External visitors can get a temporary login at the library. The temporary login can be found on a table near then entrance of the Frescati library. The temporary login is valid for one week at a time.
  • Map of the library Find study places, book collections, borrowing machines, book return and much more.
  • A virtual tour of the Frescati Library Take a virtual tour of the Frescati Library
  • Reading Room for Allergy Sufferers Reading rooms for allergy sufferers can be found on the upper level of Frescati Library. There is space for up to twelve people. These reading rooms provide good ventilation and are carefully decorated with a variety of allergies in mind.
  • Official Process in Case of Discrimination All institutions of the university are required to have clear guidelines regarding the processing of claims of student harassment under The Discrimination Act.

Opening hours Frescati Library (Main Library)

Monday 8 am - 7 pm

Tuesday - Friday : 8 am - 4 pm.

Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

The information desk is staffed weekdays from 10 am.

Information point online is closed for the summer.

Chat: weekdays 9 am - 4 pm
Phone:  weekdays 10 - 11 am

Summer opening hours

Library adaptions due to Covid-19