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Rules for locker rental at Stockholm University Library

  • To rent a locker, you must be registered at an institution of the university and also hold a university card with student status.     
  • The rental fee is 400 SEK per year.     
  • We will notify you within two weeks to let you know whether or not you can rent a locker, or if you need to queue.    
  • Keys are rented against your library loan account.
  • Keys must be returned before the locker rental period expires.
  • Keys should be returned to the Frescati Library (Main Library) information desk.
  • A late fee charge of 10 SEK per day is incurred if you do not return your locker key before the rental period expires.

You, the lessee, are responsible for how your key is handled.

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Lost Keys

There is a charge of 600 SEK for any lost keys and an additional administrative fee of 300 SEK. You may not lend the key or the locker to any other person, and you are not allowed to copy the key. You are required to notify the university library in the event that you lose your key. As a lessee, you must be prepared to present or return your key, should it be required.

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Spot Checks

Library materials may not be stored in the cabinet before they’ve been borrowed. It is strictly forbidden to store materials from reference collections and periodicals in the lockers.

The library has the right to open lockers for regular inspections and to conduct spot checks. If unauthorized material is encountered during an inspection or spot check, the lessee loses the right to the locker for the remainder of the lease without the right to a refund.

The library is not responsible for personal belongings that are kept in lockers.

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Renewal and the locker rental queue

You may not simultaneously queue for a new rental period while you are renting a locker. Your rental period can be extended, however, if there isn’t a queue. If you want to rent your locker for an additional rental period, please send an email to skap.sub@su.se with the subject line "new lease" a few weeks before the expiry date.

Please also include your personal Swedish ID number. We will notify you to let you know if your rental period can be extended for another 12 months or not. If granted, you will also receive instructions about how to pay the rental fee again.

The Stockholm University Library reserves the right to modify all or parts of the rental terms during the rental period without prior notification of any specific order.

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