Before printing with printomat students buy printouts by logging in to My printouts.

Printouts from a private computer.

If you want to print out from a private computer, you need to install drivers for Printomat. You find drivers for Windows and Mac under My printouts.

Photocopy regulations

In keeping with photocopy regulation (1960:729), photocopying entire books is forbidden.

Photocopying entire works is strictly forbidden, including both books and textbooks. Only photocopying sections of books is permitted.

Photocopies may be used for private purposes only. Private purposes means that the photocopies cannot be used in any way that might be considered commercial. 

Material from the library's rarities collections may not be photocopied.

For visitors to Stockholm University Library

Photocopy cards can be borrowed at the information desk where you also pay for your photocopies. Printing and scanning is not possible.

Smarter printing

All printers on Campus are connected, so you can print anywhere at Campus. Your files are in line for 48 hours. Find out more about  where the public printers are located under My printouts.

Save money and the environment

Scanning and sending the files to your email address is free.