Below, we have collected a selection of common questions that may arise when planning your research project, processing and analyzing data or materials, when you are about to publish data and / or results, or when completing your project and preserving research material.

Research Support.

Plan - In the beginning of your research project

How should I plan and organize my research project?
Which laws and regulations affect my research?
Does my project require ethical approval?
Which requirements do the funding agencies have?
How do I write a Data Management Plan?

Execute - During your research project

How do I describe my research output so that others can find, understand and reuse it?
How do I use and cite another person’s work?
How does reference management software work?
How should I store data? And where?
What about information security? Can I use cloud storage?

Publish – When you are about to publish

Which journal should I choose and how do I publish Open Access?
Which license should I choose?
Who pays the article processing charge?
I have almost finished my thesis, what must I do before printing?
Where and how do I publish my data?

Finalize – At the end of your research project

How do I make my research data available? Can everything be shared openly?
How may others use my research material?
Storing and archiving research data, what is the difference?