Textbooks can be borrowed by students and researchers at Stockholm University.
The books can be found on the textbooks bookshelves at each of the libraries. Textbooks might also be available in e-book form.

The number of concurrent users can be limited even when a textbook is available as an e-book. Learn more about how to use e-books here.

The loan period for textbooks

The guaranteed loan period for textbooks is seven days. The loan will be automatically renewed if there is no reservation on the book. The maximum amount of automatic renewals is 25. You can also renew the books yourself.

You can also read about late fees here.

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If you cannot find a textbook in the library

If you are a student and cannot find a course book in the library, you may suggest that the book be purchased. Professors are responsible for providing their complete textbooks lists to the library before each term.

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