What can be ordered?

All material found in the university library collections can be ordered, provided that the work is not protected by copyright.

If you would like to scan older and/or rare materials from special collections, please contact:

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What does it cost?

Researchers/ teachers at Stockholm University can order the digitisation of individual works free of charge.

We charge a fee for other types of orders. Please contact us for information on pricing:

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How are digitised materials delivered?

When a work is digitised, you receive a link via e-mail. Deliveries are provided in accordance with the agreed delivery schedule.

We can supply your materials in the following formats:
TIFF images, JPEG images, PDFs, OCR- interpreted PDF files, and OCR interpreted text files.

We also publish materials with expired copyright through LIBRIS by linking to the freely available digital copy.

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How to check if the library has the material you are looking for

Please check to see if Stockholm University Library actually has the material you need before placing an order.

You may conduct searches here:

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How to check if the work is copyrighted

If the author has been dead for more than seventy years, the work can be freely used. If the work's author is not known, it can be freely used seventy years after the issue date. In the national library catalogue LIBRIS; you can check when the author of a work has died.

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Digitalising your dissertation

If you want your thesis or report published in DiVA, you can order the scanning from us. You can find further information about digitalising your dissertation here.

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