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Most EU publications can be found in electronic form through the EU portal. Literature about the EU can be found by searching the library's homepage. There is also a shelf on the entrance level of the Frescati Library with EU information.


Carolina Engfelt, EDC Librarian

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Sweden in the EU

If you have general questions about the EU or questions about your rights and opportunities in Europe, you may contact any of the following organisations for information:

  • EDIC is an organisation with Europe Direct Information Centres throughout Europe including in Sweden. Questions about the EU can be addressed at these offices.
  • The EU Information Centre of the Swedish Parliament is entrusted with the task of providing all-round, politically impartial information about the EU, Swedish EU membership, and the Swedish Parliament’s work with EU issues.
  • The Committee on European Union Affairs is an organ of the Swedish Parliament where parliament and the ruling government consult on EU issues.
  • The Information Office for the European Parliament is located at The Europe House on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm, along with the European Commission’s Swedish representation (Swedish only).
  • The movement No to the EU is a politically independent membership organisation that works towards getting Sweden to leave the EU (Swedish only).

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Research on Europe and the EU

Research is carried out both on the EU and within the EU by universities, research institutions and government agencies. On the list below are some of the most important sources for European research.

  • AEI, the Archive of European Integration, is an electronic archive of research material on the subject of European integration and unification.
  • SIEPS is a government agency that develops research-based analysis of European policy issues.
  • European Perspective is a network of and for Swedish university institutions of economics, law and political science that engage in European research.
  • European Policy Institutes Network is a network of European research institutes that conduct European research to contribute to the debate on the future of Europe.

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EU Legislation

  • EUR-Lex is the database where all EU legislation is collected. Included in the database is the EU's Official Journal, data about the EU’s legislative process, EU case law and the EU Member States' national legislation.
  • Application of EU legislation: The European Commission is the institution responsible for ensuring that EU legislation is applied in each of the member countries.
  • European E-Justice is the E-justice portal that gathers relevant legal information.

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In the EU Bookshop you will find books, brochures, posters, maps and magazines on EU policies and activities dating from 1952. You can also order printed materials. Much of the material can be downloaded as a PDF free of charge.

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Terms and Guides in Other languages

  • EuroTermBank is a project that focuses on harmonising and supporting the work surrounding terminology in the new member countries. Their work is conducted through several terminology networks within the EU.
  • IATE, Inter-Active Terminology for Europe, is the EU inter-institutional terminology database. The database includes all current terminology databases that are available within the EU's translation service.

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EU News

You can follow the EU news flow online or via social media. There are also several web magazines that focus entirely on Europe.

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EU Statistics

For those looking for statistics on the EU and Europe, the database Eurostat is the most important portal. Here you will find statistics about the European Union and all its member states, EFTA-countries and EU candidate countries.

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