To gain access to library materials and services, you need a University Card or a Library Account. These are valid at Stockholm University's main library and branch libraries.

When you use the University Card or the Library Account, you agree to follow The Stockholm University Library’s loan terms and rules.

When you borrow material from the library you are obliged to

  • Observe changes in the library’s loan terms and rules. We announce such changes at the Stockholm University Library website, and you are responsible for maintaining knowledge about the current regulation that’s available on the website.
  • Observe the guaranteed duration of your loan. The loan period is different for different book collections. Stockholm University Library is not obliged to send reminders about books on loan.
  • Respect the license terms for the library's electronic resources. Printing and downloading articles from journals and other resources are allowed for personal, non-commercial study and research purposes.
  • Keep track of the date when the loan period expires to be able to return borrowed books on time.
  • Treat the library's material with care and protect it from damage.
  • Maintain an updated residential and email address.
  • Take responsibility for all  your loans until the loan is deregistered in the Stockholm University library loan system. When you return materials that you’ve borrowed, collect a receipt from the book return machine. A receipt is also sent to the e-mail adress you provided. Save the receipt until you have checked the site to ensure that your loans are no longer registered.
  • Making sure the library materials do not leave the country.


What happens if I break the rules?

If you violate the rules of the library and disrupt activities on library premises, you can be banned from the library and its systems for up to six months under Chapter 10 section 1 § 1st. p.3 and 2 § 2. § 1, Chapter 10, Section 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993: 100).


Who sets the rules and regulations regarding library loans, and are they binding?

The rules are a contract between you the borrower and The Stockholm University Library.


What are the rules regarding stored data?

The library is bound to confidentiality under Chapter 40. 3 § Public Access To Information and Secrecy Act (2009: 400) § 22, chapter 9 of the Secrecy Act (1980: 100) regarding information on record about individual loans, reservations and other forms of orders.

The library has the right to process personal data. This is in adherence with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Swedish data privacy legislation.