The University Card

If you’re a student or an employee at the University of Stockholm, the university card functions as your library card. Registered students can activate their student accounts and order a card from Employees’ cards are activated via the Sukat function. If you’ve lost your university card, or if you've forgotten to order one, you may order a new card at Once you have finished your course or program, you may continue to use your University card as a library card for external users.

Library Account for External Users

Visitors to the University may use the library’s services, and borrow books, using a library account which is issued at the library information desk, once you have filled in this form. In order to register as an external user you need to be over 18 years of age, and be able to present a Swedish photo ID, or a proof of enrollment at another Swedish University.

Guest Account

If you are not in the possession of a Swedish photo ID, and are not enrolled at a Swedish University, you have a "guest" status. We can issue you with a guest account, and you are free to use the services of the library, limited to the library building. You may not borrow books or other materials from the library.