Instructions for direct delivery

  • Log in with your university login at My Library Account
  • Search your book(s) in the library catalogue.
  • Once you find the book, click on the ”REQUEST” icon.
  • A new window will open. To order the book click on the icon "För forskarleverens”.
  • Another window will open. Check that the address is correct. Confirm your order by clicking on “Gå vidare”.

The books are sent with internal mail to your department. Delivery takes up to four days once you have placed your order. Note that your book loan will be registered on your library account before the book is shipped, and you the customer are solely responsible for the full terms of the loan throughout the loan period. You are also responsible for returning the book before the loan period expires.

If you want to order a book from any of our other libraries, contact them directly.

Materials that are not available for direct delivery:

  • textbooks
  • reference books
  • books printed before 1900
  • fragile books
  • folios and journals