With few exceptions, these e-resources are available throughout the entire Stockholm University network, or by remote access for students and employees. Visitors to the university libraries may also use these materials when visiting the library.

How you as a student, researcher or visitor to the library use these contents is governed by agreements with respective suppliers. The terms of use may therefore vary, depending on the provider. Generally, you have the right to use the library's e-resources for private study and research purposes.

You are allowed to

  • Print and copy individual articles, chapters and short excerpts
  • Download articles, chapters and short sections of articles
  • Send occasional articles, chapters and short sections of articles to yourself

You are frequently allowed to

  • Use individual articles, chapters and divisions of course packs (printed or electronic) when teaching
  • Share articles, chapters and shorter sections of articles to colleagues at other institutions ("scholarly sharing") when researching with a scientific purpose.

These terms are often determined by standardized contracts with major international publishers. You may enquire at the library about specific conditions that apply to each of these suppliers.

You are not allowed to

  • Print or download the entire issues of journals or books
  • Systematically download or print large quantities of material
  • Upload or distribute copyrighted material
  • Sell ​​or distribute material. It is never permissible to use such material for commercial purposes.