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Interlibrary loans for other libraries (NOTE: Only for libraries)

We scan ordered items from printed journals and deliver them via email to publically funded Swedish libraries.

The receiving library may not provide the scanned article copy in electronic form to borrowers. The article must be printed and submitted to the borrower in printed format in accordance with current legislation. Other libraries can have articles copied and sent by regular mail.

Book loans are free of charge.

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Prices for articles

By email or standard post

Publically funded Swedish libraries: 100 SEK for 1 - 20 pages, 200 SEK for more than 20 pages, 300 SEK for more than 50 pages.

Other libraries (Swedish and foreign): 150 SEK for 1 - 20 pages, 300 SEK for more than 20 pages, 350 SEK for more than 50 pages.

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Library loan terms and rules for Swedish libraries and libraries outside Sweden


28 guaranteed days. Maximum 25 automatic renewals unless the book is requested by another user.


If a reservation of the book is made, it needs to be returned immediately after due date of guaranteed loan period.


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Library loan terms and rules for libraries outside of the Nordic region


30 days.


Choose "Other log-in" and fill in your email adress and your PIN-code.

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Not for home use

Books marked ‘NOT FOR HOME USE’ may only be borrowed for use in the reading rooms of the library that houses the book.

Rarities, folios, reference books, textbooks, children's literature, and Slavic literature in the original language may not be borrowed for use outside the library.

Journals– only photocopying allowed.

Theses and essays are not available at the library. Please contact the appropriate institution with your enquiries.

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