We receive visitors from both Sweden and abroad and we usually offer meetings with members of the management team, employees, job shadowing and/ or a tour of the premises, depending on the preferences and wishes of the visitors.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept all requests which is why we kindly ask you to provide a brief statement as to the purpose of your visit:

  • How many people would like to visit the Library?

  • Which institution/university do you represent?

  • What part of our organization are you interested in?

  • How long would you like to visit us?

  • How flexible are you regarding the time and date of your visit?

Please send your request to lilian.fernandez-hall@su.se approximately a month before your desired visit date. Thank you for your interest in Stockholm University Library!

Stockholm University Library. Photo: Niklas Björing.
Stockholm University Library. Photo: Niklas Björing.