The form replaces our two previous forms to suggest a purchase and to do interlibrary loans. By merging them into a single form so we can determine the fastest way to get the book or article. You do not have to make that choice.

Scientists get more options

As a researcher you can choose if you prefer the book in paper or e-format, and if you want to collect it from the Frescati library or have it sent to your office. It means that it will be easier for the library to meet your needs. For students we primarily buy e-books and e-journals when available. Students can only pick up ordered material at the Frescati library from now on. Read our media plan concerning this.

Viola system increases efficiency

It is not only faster and easier for you. It will be for us too. By integrating interlibrary loans with purchase suggestions we get everything in the same system. Which means we can work faster and more efficient. And ultimately provide better service for you. We have developed the system ourselves and it is called Viola.