Erskine was a prominent figure in Swedish architecture during much of the 1900s. His work also attracted international attention and was awarded several national and international awards.

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In addition to the university library, which was completed in 1983, Erskine created Allhuset (1980), The Lawyers House (1991) and the Aula Magna (1997). These buildings tend towards organic in terms of their shape and use of material, and they create inspiring environments to meet, study and spend time in.

Large projects later in Erskine's career included The Ark in London and the City Terminal for buses in Stockholm. His final project was the Greenwich Millennium Village in London.

Ralph Erskine's Architecture and Philosophy

Erskine architecture is described as a mixture of the expressive and rich forms. His buildings are modest, but the details give them a distinct character. Erskine saw himself as a functionalist, but he was atypical of functionalists in his love for the decorative.

Characteristic features of his work include vaulted ceilings, organically shaped facades, irregular rows of windows, and a playful, maritime element. His buildings are often experienced as exciting, which is related to his use of asymmetry and contradiction.

His architecture is characterised by affection for the natural environment, and he let nature permeate the structural elements of his design.

Erskine actively participated throughout his life in the Swedish and international architectural debate. He fought for architecture's political and social opportunities within the social structure and had great affection for other’s engagement in the cause.

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Erskine and The Stockholm University Library

The Stockholm University Library became a model for other libraries because of its modern layout and architecture. The library is characterised by large, open indoor landscapes and varying outward facing facades.

Read more about the university library's architecture here.

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