Photo: Niklas Björling
Photo: Niklas Björling

Information literacy and digital literacy is becoming more important in a world where fake news and alternative facts are easy to find. The ability to identify facts supported by academic arguments is one of the core skills required for any degree in higher education, and thus something that is always in focus.


Thursday September 28th at 1 pm.


The Stage at the entrance floor of the Main Library.


Become a better academic writer by learning more about how to search for and validate academic information and think critically about the sources you use.

Skilled information experts will be available after the lecture to give individual advice about your current project.

The event is free of charge, and open to anyone who wants to learn more about the sources available through the university library.

Topics included

  • Search technique for science and resarch
  • Critical analysis and peer-review
  • Writing better essays and to refer to previous research
  • Get personal support from an information specialist

The first hour will be lectures about the topics above, and the second hour will be an opportunity for you to get individual support from the staff at our search hub to help with the paper you are about to write.