The Stockholm University Library has national and international partners, and it engages in networks on behalf of the progress of both research and education.

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Below is a list of our partnerships. Click on any of the projects for more information.


The library contributes to the building of DiVA, Stockholm University's publication database and collaboration between forty universities and research institutions in Sweden. The library provides practical support by assisting with the construction of the database, and strategic support by working with DiVA’s long-term development.

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The library contributes to the contents of the web search platform LIBRIS, which is Sweden's national library catalogue of searchable literature, magazines and other publications.

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Koha is a free and open library system based on open source code. Stockholm University Library is working to implement Koha as the circulation system, and works together with other libraries and suppliers in the Koha community - for example, Gothenberg University Library, Luleå University of Technology, and Culture in Halland, a regional library.

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EDS Nordic User Group – Lund University

The library is on the board of the EDS Nordic user group (Swedish only). The user group is a non-profit organisation dedicated to exchanging experiences and influencing the development of the procured search system EBSCO Discovery System.

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CERL (Consortium of European Research Libraries)

The library is a member of CERL. The consortium's aim is to share resources and expertise between academic libraries in order to improve access to and preserve the printed European cultural heritage.

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Linnaeus Link

The library is a partner in this international project and collaboration between multiple libraries with access to material from Linnaeus and his legacy.

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Umeå university

This cooperation is with the management team of Umeå University Library and its aim is to share experience.

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Nordic Academic Libraries

This cooperation includes the university libraries in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. Meetings are held once a year to exchange experience.

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  • Feasibility study – Literary printed books and e-books
  • Feasibility study – Subscription Services

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LIBER is Europe's largest network of research libraries with over 400 members. Sofie Wennström represents the library as chair of the Working Group on Open Access.

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National Library of Sweden

Wilhelm Widmark is participating actively in the Royal Library Forum for National Library Cooperation and Development, he is chairman of the group for Open Access and publishing issues and Acting Chairman of the Steering group for the Bibsam consortium. As a participant in the Bibsam consortium the library is connected to several consortium agreement. In 2016 and 2017 the library was included in the program committee for Meeting Place Open Access (MOA). The library is also represented in Swepub analytics group. 

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The Swedish Library Association

The Swedish Library Association (Swedish only) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to promote a national library system. Its members are both libraries and individuals. Stockholm University Library is an institutional member, and also collaborated on seminars at the Book and Library Fair in Gothenburg in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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SUHF (The Association of Swedish Higher Education)

We are members of the Forum for Library Managers, where we collaborate on common issues for academic libraries.

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Library advisory boards

Several of our employees are members of various advisory committees for external publishing houses, universities and libraries. In these roles, we discuss various strategic publishing and library related issues, such as e-book models and the role of open access.

We have members in the following advisory committees:

  • SAGE
  • IOP
  • Cambridge advisory board
  • Brill
  • OUP

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Customer Experience Network Sweden (CXSwe)

CXSwe is a self-organized network founded by librarians from seven research libraries in Sweden. The purpose is to disseminate and apply established User Experience / Customer Experience models for developing different library services. The network uses the platform Slack for documentation and conversation, and has no website. 

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