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For those of you who want to apply for an Erasmus grant for staff mobility at the Stockholm University Library

Within the Staff mobility for training, you can participate in workplace training, i.e. job shadowing at the Stockholm University Library. This means you follow a colleague and see how the colleague performs his or her work. You are thus not involved actively in any work.

The mobility period must be at least two working days (excluding travel time) and no more than two months.

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Administration & grant amount

The administration is managed by your own department. A "Mobility Agreement" must be set up by your department at your request. The Stockholm University Library must approve and sign your application before you proceed with your arrangements.

It is important that you agree with the head of department on the costs of the exchange, in the event that they exceed the allocated grant, as well as whether or not you should receive subsistence allowance. The Stockholm University Library does not provide additional allowance or accommodation.

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As an Erasmus employee you are covered by the Group Insurance and Personal Insurance (GIF), signed by Stockholm University. You will also have business travel insurance through Kammarkollegiet, while you are staying at the university and during travel to and from the university. An insurance card will be provided by your department.

Find more information about Erasmus+ staff mobility on the university website.

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Apply by sedning an email to SUB_erasmus@su.se. Please state the following in your application:

  • Name and profession
  • Name and profession of the person who approved your visit
  • Name of your department/institution and university
  • The purpose of your visit (short summary)
  • Time of visit

We look forward to reading your application!

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