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Photo: Eva Dalin.


Courses in "Early Childhood Education", "Schoolage Educare" and "Child and Youth Studies" are available in English. The department offers courses both in spring and fall semesters.


Photo: Eva Dalin


The four sections of the department each have a research area, all of them specialized in research about children and youth.



  • Photo: Eva Dalin. International Cafés Exchange students and local students at the Teacher Education Departments are most welcome to a series of international cafés. The cafés are informal seminars where you listen to a presentation and then get the opportunity to reflect and discuss together with other local and international students. At the cafés there will also be some tea/coffee and a light snack.
  • Rickard Jonsson. Boys' Anti-School Culture, Rickard Jonsson Rickard Jonsson is a researcher at the Department of Child and Youth Studies. He is interested in finding answers to: How are stereotypes constructed?
  • Hillevi Lenz Taguchi. Photo: Björn Dalin. When the division between nature and culture disappears, new research emerges In the past fifteen years, researchers in the field of early childhood education have used linguistic stories and conceptions as a basis for understanding children’s learning and identity formation. In recent years, this research has once again started to look at biology, the body, and the material environment, but now on the basis of the interplay with linguistic conceptions.
  • Ann-Christin Cederborg How can we increase the visibility of vulnerable children? Ann-Christin Cederborg about the Stockholm University Profile Area Children´s Rights and Conditions.
  • Nihad Bunar Research aiming to create a level playing field for students Newly arrived students who do not speak Swedish are received very differently at school. Nihad Bunar hopes that his research on how municipalities choose to organise their teaching will give these students the same opportunities as other children.
  • Camilla Rindstedt Research project about encounters between primary child health care staff and multicultural families A new ethnographic study focuses on everyday encounters between children, parents and health personnel at Primary Child Health Services (BVC) in multicultural populated areas. Research questions include social interaction and communication actions and if there are conversational strategies that are more successful than others.
  • Susanne Kjällander Digital tablets in today´s preschool, Susanne Kjällander Listen to Susanne Kjällander, Senior Lecturer at Department of Child and Youth Studies, when she talks about her exciting research.
  • Johanna Lund Rockliffe from the Global School International Café about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals At the second International Café exchange students and local students at the Teacher Education Departments were introduced to the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We also got the chance to put our knowledge about global issues to the test using quizzies from Professor Roslings Gap minder project. At the end of the seminar the students got to do a lesson plan for future pupils.
  • Ingrid Engdahl. Photo: Niklas Björling. Article nominated addressing the world´s most pressing problems focused on the environment The article "Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: The OMEP World Project" authored by associate professor Ingrid Engdahl is nominated in Springer´s campaign "Change the World: One Article at a Time" as addressing the world’s most pressing problems focused on the environment and sustainability.
  • International Café 1: Nasim Ahmadzadeh Sweden’s asylum process for unaccompanied Children 22 participants from more than 15 countries joined the first International Café to listen to the presentation by Nasim Ahmadzadeh; case officer at the asylum investigation unit for unaccompanied asylum seeking children from the Swedish Migration Agency.
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This department provides a creative environment for education and research that considers children and young people within the following multiple and overlapping contexts: culture; the family; preschool and school; peer groups; media and leisure; the community as well as the economy and with respect to both national and international law.

Teacher student from Austria

Julia from Austria

Julia has chosen to come to Stockholm University and study. She shares below her thoughts on how she perceive her stay in Sweden. Some of the courses she has studied are Schoolage Educare and Early Childhood Education Focusing on Science and Technology.